A Life Established by Faith and Patience

The Bible doesn’t tell us that life will be easy as Christians, but God promises to bless and deliver us if we have faith and obey His Word.   Join me on my God guided adventure through life.  God provided blessings, peace, protection and deliverance when I needed it the most!

In A Life Established by Faith and Patience Shelly Kauffman escorts you through her life.  She makes known her childhood hopes and dreams.  You are introduced to her various roles in life both before and after finding the man of her dreams, Brett Kauffman.  Each stage in Shelly’s life presents a new unexpected series of events compounding the prior circumstances.  The story reveals her steadfast method of overcoming by faith; patiently relying on God to fulfill His plan for her life.  Her story takes a dramatic turn when her husband becomes ill.  Again she emerges triumphantly through her faith in God.  Read how Shelly’s faith and patience brought about victories and peace in her life.

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“A testament to the power of persistence and unmitigated faith in God, Shelly Kauffman’s debut novel, A Life Established by Faith and Patience shares the story of her life’s trials, tribulations, and successes, in turn demonstrating how her reliance, patience and faith in God’s plans for her life, led her to finding serenity and spiritual victory.

Starting out as a tenacious and intelligent child, author Shelly Kauffman, owned dedication and focus when it came to what she wanted out of life. Consistent with her desire to be a wife and a mom, she specifically wanted to get married straight out of high school. In fact, her thoughts of her future life as a stay at home with a loving husband and children were the crux of her aspirations for her adult life, but she needed to find the man that would be the perfect fit in her preconceived scenario.

Meanwhile, as author Kauffman moved through her school years dreaming, praying and professing her wants to God, holding fast to the belief that her desire to be a wife and mother was part of the Lord’s plan for her and would ultimately come to be. However, the other people in her life had other plans for her and wanted her to live her life according to their paradigm. Staying steadfast in her desires and beliefs, that God would bring her the perfect mate, she meets Brett, although many years her senior, a smoker and somewhat needy. The two began to form a relationship of which she thought was the answer to her requests to God, as it turned out she was also the answer to his prayers. Together they developed a relationship and built a family, but not without its issues which often tested her faith. Exploring their years together, she looks at their experiences both good and bad, with insight and grace.

Additionally, furthering her testimony of God’s working presence in her life Author Kauffman, continues to detail the many other instances where her unwavering faith in the almighty’s plan for her life was somehow seen, felt or brought to fruition. She visits the issues with her in-laws and the frustrations that came to the surface, within that relationship requiring her to wield forbearance while looking forward to the day when she could change things without resistance or interference.

Equally important, Shelly Kauffman goes on to re-visit the seemingly insurmountable times when her faith helped her to overcome, as she relied on God’s guidance. She discusses experiences like; job difficulties, problems with conceiving, various bouts of illness with her closest family members, including her own newborn child, her own experiences with ill health, as well as her husband’s traumatizing health matters, with each instance, at times compounded by the previous, disheartening, and requiring an inherent need for her to stay strong, patient and prayerful.

Without exception, A Life Established by Faith and Patience turned out to be a well written memoir, documenting a life lived through unwavering faith. I enjoyed the read, it was detailed, easy flowing, emotionally engaging, along with being demonstrative of why faith is an important aspect of Christian life. This would make a worthy addition to any Christian library.”

Title: A Life Established by Faith and Patience Author: Shelly Kauffman Publisher: Outskirts Press ISBN: 978-1478729822 Genre: Christian Living Pages: 138 Reviewed by: Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Pacific Book Review

“Love stories come in all shapes & sizes…

Hollywood’s bastardization of the word LOVE seldom, if ever, focuses on the Love of God as was once the foundation of our once Great Nation. 

Our authoress takes us behind the scenes of her personal life and intimate, god-centered thoughts, peeling back the onion in a way that makes modern day people very nervous.  Prepare yourself for the unexpected honesty in a way we seldom see today.

Shelly’s story is one of Faith and trial by fire.    I commented to her that some readers might find it a bit intimidating to see one who lived so committed to walking  by Faith in God should endure so many trials and challenges… Her reply was that indeed, this work was to prove that one who loves God as the Great Command to love God with your whole heart, mind and soul, will never be forsaken…

Yea though she walked thru the valley of the shadow of death (of her beloved) she CHOSE to continue to walk in Faith and abide in God’s word, and her current life is a positive testament that should give heart to all who strive to honor God with their lives!

Many of us close to her, feel this is just the beginning of what God has in store for her…Stay Tuned, Ladies and Gentlemen, this story isn’t over—- by a long shot!

For those who may have struggled with spiritual challenges, doubts or fears, this story can be a guide to “what it takes” to say you live by the Word of God!

As you read, pause, take time to hear His Still Small Voice in your own life as Shelly has done. ”

Dr. Dave Landis, Ph.D. from PA

“In this debut memoir, a young mother turns to God to help her through difficult decisions.
In her book, Kauffman explains how she believes people should use principles found in the Bible to improve their lives and find the strength to persevere through hard times. … she reaches out to her faith and God for directions and answers, trusting that this will guide her on the right path. …”
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